• 1202-120906-STG1&2-V03-BQ House & Studio
  • 1202-120906-STG1&2-V04-BQ House & Studio

Rubicks cube?

Alexandra: House & Artist Studio: “When the building becomes the canvas!” The client (a graphic artist and keen painter) has been enthusiastically involved in shaping this design from the start (she built a number of models…& the design has gradually morphed over a year or two into what it is today: A dwelling / artists […]

  • Menzies Cinema Menzies Cinema - as built
  • 0920-091215-Cam04 An early option

Popcorn Anyone?

The recently completed Menzies Cinema fitout , designed by Spatial Directions, has transformed the way residents use this previously under-utilised corner of common space. Located within Retirement Alliance’s “Menzies” Malvern road apartments, it is proving a popular selling point and a real focal point for residents where they can get together and watch the latest blockbusters (or […]