3D Cad modelling and visualisation

The final building-product will be perceived in 3 dimensions as an object / series of spaces / experiences / places so why rely on 2 dimensional drawings in order to develop and explain it?

At Spatial Directions we believe that the future of design (and the product that we provide) is a model of the virtual building….and then the drawings should be the by-product / output of this (as required for application / construction purposes).

We believe 3d modelling is an integral tool in both the development and presentation of the design (for both our clients and our understanding of the proposal)- similar to the understanding that a physical model can provide. As a part of our standard process (in all but the most basic documentation projects) we develop the project as a virtual building model which is continuously and gradually modified and presented to the client in various formats as the project progresses. Various colour schemes and materials can be trailed.

As a specialised service we can refine fixed designs to produce high quality detailed, photorealistic presentations ranging from those to suit a residential client wanting to get and idea of how their house extension will look, right up to full-blown presentations for companies or developers wanting to present their project in a professional, dynamic format for marketing.

The experience of space relates to all the human senses- we can give clients a feel for the visual experience of being in the space using 3d views, virtual reality scenes or walk-through / fly-around animations.

Utilising computer models (either from the design process with us or constructed from other plans provided by you)- we can produce high quality presentations in print, computer image / video file or even interactive web / DVD formats.

Presentations include: Photorealistic computer-rendered architectural illustrations, Photomontages of buildings in their setting or interactive presentations-images, words, animations, sounds, graphics all linked together for the ultimate virtual experience.