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Rubicks cube?

Alexandra: House & Artist Studio: “When the building becomes the canvas!”

The client (a graphic artist and keen painter) has been enthusiastically involved in shaping this design from the start (she built a number of models…& the design has gradually morphed over a year or two into what it is today: A dwelling / artists studio, split in two and connected by a slender steel bridge over a courtyard. This central axis is centred on a vista to an existing majestic plane tree.  A sense of playfulness & fun pervades….the interior spaces revealing themselves from behind layers of cladding and louvres. The spaces in the residence-wing interlock together unusually and crank around to face direct north for good solar access. Some experimental cladding techniques are to be employed; initially using polycarbonate, now recycled timber slats. Although it includes a large amount of glass for a cool climate, the design addresses energy efficiency with intelligently placed shading and high levels of insulation. Challenges so far have involved dealing with a bushfire prone area & testing different roof designs to get view of park from painting studio over the residence-wing. The building has essentially become the canvas itself! It is also reminiscent of 70’s school architecture. The project, now submitted for building permit, awaits what future construction challenges may hold. To be built in two stages starting with the garage / studio wing early this year…keep posted.

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