• Menzies Cinema Menzies Cinema - as built
  • 0920-091215-Cam04 An early option

Popcorn Anyone?

The recently completed Menzies Cinema fitout , designed by Spatial Directions, has transformed the way residents use this previously under-utilised corner of common space. Located within Retirement Alliance’s “Menzies” Malvern road apartments, it is proving a popular selling point and a real focal point for residents where they can get together and watch the latest blockbusters (or old classics). Another chapter of refurbishment has been successfully added to the building (also including revamped staff room, & multipurpose area). The design involved collaboration with a number of specialists- from audio-visual to acoustic paneling specialists (as well as a long decision making process exploring options of what best to use the space for initially). Although a billiard or craft room was initially considered- the decision to fit it out as a cinema has been well received (and patronised). The interior style is luxurious, yet restrained / neutral, and gives the feel of being in a real commercial cinema. It sits comfortably alongside the décor of the lounge / foyer and adds value to this already well-appointed facility.

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